soccer skills

I revised the socceer skills.

First I played stuck in the mud. We run around and choose someone to compete in rock, paper, scissors. When someone beats you you stay still untill a person tags you

Next I played a game called triangle pass. We kick the ball in a circle. We also stopped the ball by putting one leg on top of the ball. When we pass the ball 3 times we step back one step. Then we pass the ball the other way around and stop the ball with the outer of the shoe.

Then we played a game called nonstop relay race. There are two people on one side and there is one person on the other side. The side with two person kick it it he other side. When they finished kicking to the other side they move to the other line. After we get better every time we step back.

Lastly we played team tag. We have a ball and we kick the ball to the other person in our team and tag someone in a different team

I enjoyed playing team tag. I did well on passing the ball on triangle. I need to improve on stopping the ball.

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