Te Reo Maori

We learned about location.

First we written down the date in Maori on a google doc and what we are feeling in Maori words.

Next we went on the mat with Odie and we learned about food in Maori words. Odie was laying down cards that has food picture with names down bottom in Maori. We had to pick a card that was on the mat, for example: We picked up any cards and Odie has to say the english words and we had to say it in Maori.

Lastly we had to copy and paste the Maori words that was in the document on google maps. The first Maori word that was on the document was Otautahi which is waka, and the second word was tamaki makaurau which is Ika.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well on sayingthe words in Maori. I need to improve on searching more Maori words.

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