This week we learnt about rippa ruby games.

First we played a game which was a tagger game. We had to get 2 tags which can be red or yellow and a belt. We had to spread around the court and start taking peoples tags without the others stealing your tags. Matheus and Densyn stole my tags when I tried getting thems.

Next we did another game. We had to get into groups of 4. My 4 groups were Cattaleya, Mele, and AmandaRose. What we have to do is that we have to pass the ball around the circle.

Then we played another game which was a vs. We got into groups which was 1 and 2. Armani and ZaiLett was choosen to be in the groups. I was in ZaiLetts group. We had to pass the ruby ball up and down. For example: ZaiLett has the ruby ball and i’m behind him. He gives the ball up where his head is and when I grab the ball I put the ball under my legs and someone behind me has to grab the ball and we do it again again to see  which team wins.

Lastly we played the same game which was vsing each team but different. We had to give the ruby ball left and right.

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