Rippa Rugby

I learned how to pass and catch in rippa rugby.

First I learned how to pass. To pass you need to throw by the side, if your left handed then you need to throw by the left side, if your right handed you need to throw on your left. To catch you need to make a w with your hand to catch.

Next I played a game called relay race. I had to get into group of 3. Then I had to pass the ball along the lane but you have to walk down the end and then when you make it to the end you do it again by going backwards.

Lastly I played another game called rippa tag. The point of the game is that you have to pull the tags off people. Then we got into the same team and we got 4 teams (2 blue + 2 red). I had to take take tags off the red teams and then the 3 people on at once from each team has to steal the tags.

I enjoyed the rippa tag. I did well on passing. I need to improve on doing better at relay race.

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