I learned how to use coordinates on maps.

First I went on a slide called maps. On the slide it shows different names which are, shin – kowia, auckland zoo, and panmure. For shin – kowia I have to answer the sentence and use dots of where the coordniates. The first question was, He is at Saizeriaya Italian restaurant. Where is he? Hes at the saizeriaya restaurant which is C – 5.

Next I went on the next slide which was auckland zoo. The first question was, Where are the Golden lion tamarin? Heds at L – 10. The second question is, What are you doing if you are in F3? You are at the Tasmanian devil enclosure. Travel east till you get out of the Australian Bush Track. Turn left then take the first left turn (go north). Go to the second building on your left. What animals are there? What are the coordinates? The answer for F3 is that you are doing information first aid and toilets baby change.

Lastly I went on the last slide which was panmure. The first question was where is the Panmure Medical Centre? The answer is that it’s at the number 12. The second question is,What are you doing if you are in 03, 01? You are at the Lagoon Pools. You cross the road and travel north-east until the end of the road. You turn to the east and keep walking until the footpath separates from the road. Where are you (coordinates), and what are you going to eat? The answer is the number 01 – 02.

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