What Synthesising is?

I learned what synthesisng is?

First I made a DLO explaning what synthesising is? Synthesising is to like make a idea about stuff. For example Penguins.

Next I had to write down my prior Knowledge about penguins. Prior knowledge mean what you already know about penguins. For example: Penguins can’t fly, and penguins are great at swimming.

Lastly I to wrote down my 2 different type of synthesising. Which are new information, and my new understanding.

New Information: Penguins are also known for their white and black feathers, penguins are also known for their waddle, penguins do have special skills that kind of look like they are swimming, and penguins flaps their wings to swim and underwater it looks like they are flying.

My new understanding: Penguins can swim 75 percent underwater, and penguins can eat food underwater.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well on explaning about what synthesising is. I need to improve on saying more words about what synthesising is.

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