This week I learned about the 4 different type of rhymes.

First Miss White shared a DLO that we had to do a matching rhymes. The DLO was about matching the rhymes of the sentence which was on the DLO.

Next I had to finish the DLO and make a new one explaning about the 4 different rhymes.

Lastly the four different rhymes are Consonance, Alliteration, Perfect Rhyme, and Assonance.

Consonance – is like agreement. For example: Mad and men, Dad and dig has the same letter in it.

Alliteration – is when there is a same letter in a sound. For example: dump, dame and damp, meter, miter and metric, mile, mole and meal.

Perfect Rhyme – is a repeating vowel. For example : sat cat and mat

Assonance – is when it is  between a sound nearby word. For example: hat, spat and bat.

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