Statistical Investigation Organiser

This week I learned about Statistical Investigation Organiser.

First I had to collect who is better at shooting boys or girls. I have to write down the genders of how much cans they have knocked down and how much boys are there and girls. There is 18 girls and 27 boys.

Next I used online calculator to figure out the answer for divides. For example: 18 divded by 14 equals 1.29. I never knew the answer for the question so Mr Wong told us to use online calcultor to figure it out by ourselfs.

Lastly I drew a paragraph to see whos better at shooting. Usually the boys won because their paragraph went up to 2 and the girls paragraph went up to 1.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well on drawing a paragragh. I need to improve on shooting more cans that has been knocked down.

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