Number of the day

This week I learned about the number of the day.

First I had to figure out if the number was odd or even. For example : Seven hundred and fifty six is an even number because six is basically in the 2’s.

Next I had to write the number in letters without words. For example : if the number is 756 I can say in letters. Seven hundred and fifty six.

After I had to write the numbers in to place values. For example : In the thousand there are zero because there’s no thousands in the number. In the hundreds it’s seven because the number is seven hundred and fifty six. In the tens there are five because in the number it’s seven hundred and fifty six. In the ones the number is six.

Then I had to do a few activities that are part of the number. The little activite is that there is a kind of question. For example : I had to round the seven hundred and fifty six to the nearest 10. The answer is seven hundred and sixteen.

Lastly I had to write a story about the number. For example : There were 756 people in the city. 56 people went home. How many people are left?

I enjoyed answering the question. I did well at writing the number in letters / words. I need to improve on writing a better story.

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