Summarising Template

This week I learned about summarising.

First I read a book called beekeeper. I had to write down 20 important words about the story. For example : Beekeepers, honey, bees, jack dad, honey bees, collect, hives, flowers, honeycomb, wax, shapes, frames, nectar, sweet, water, wings, special veil, calm, and cut.

Next I had to pick out the 6 important words that are in the 20 important words. For example : Beekeeper, honey, bees, special veil, jack’s dad, and collect.

Then I had to highlight the important words. For example : beekeeper.

Lastly I had to write 4 types of sentences that flow with the 6 important words. These are one of my sentences that flow the 6 important words. Jack’s Dad wears a special veil to protect themselves because they might get stung.This week I learned about summarising

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