Recount Planning Table

This week I learned about the Recount Planning Table.

First I had to pick a picture. The 4 options were a lady that makes a robot, A boy playing his game but he doesn’t know there’s lots of eyes spying, a man on a google meet looking outside, and the last one is a house next to the beach. I picked the man on a google meet because it looks like a fun idea to write.

Next I had to hook a title in the story so the people knew what the story was talking about. For example : my title would be called scary cause it might be scary.

Then I had to write down the reveal. For example : who was there? Me and my puppy. Where were you? In my room. When was it? On sunday. Why did it happen? when I was in a google meet. How did you get there? in a car.

Lastly, I had to write 3 paragraphs. The three paragraphs have to begin with a time connective word and I have to show what happened in time order. For example : First me and my puppy were in our room on a google meet. Everyone was there and I went to greet myself. I was basically famous because I have 2.m subscribers.

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