LS1 Class Rule

This week I learned about class rules.

Classroom rules are improtant because it teaches you a lesson about what you should not do or do.

First I had to figure out the class rules. For example there is no bubblegum allowed in class because it might stick on the ground.

Next I had to explain the most important class rule that is not and is allowed to do. I picked about 5 most important class rules. They were :

  • Don’t bring slime, clay, pokemon, or candy to school.
  • Make sure to hold your chromebook / laptop probably.
  • Help each other and try new things that you never did before
  • Use respectful words to say in school or class ground.Tidy up your mess after your finish using them.

Lastly I had to write down and share my class rules. For example : I had to share the 5 most important words.

I enjoyed learning the 5 most important rules. I did well at explaning them. I need to improve on writing down more most improtatn rules.

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