This week I learned how to practice softball.  First I had to make sure I was playing the 2 games right.  I played musical cones and picked up the cones.

How to play musical cones and you have to pick up the cones before the music stops. Next I played another game called pick up the cone before the other one does. For example, there’s a cone in front of you and you have a partner.  The person calls out an action and you have to do it.  You also have to pick up the cones before the other person does.

After I played softball, I had to get my partner and get gloves and a ball.  By throwing the ball you have to throw with your non dominant hand.  Lastly, I picked up all of the stuff and said thank you to the teacher that was teaching us.

I enjoyed putting away the stuff.  I did well at using at non dominant hand.  I need to improve on throwing the ball harder.

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