I can see So I can infer

This week I learned about what I can see so I can infer.

I can see where you see something with your eyes. For example  : A cup is what you see. I can infer where you describe something.

First I had to get a partner to work with so I can infer. For example : Cattaleya would be my partner and we work together.

Next I had to find 3 type of pictures. It could be an animal, human, or an object. We picked animals. The 3 animals were a Kangaroo, Koala, and a Puppy.

Then I had to look with my eyes at what I could see out of the picture. For example : I can see baby turtles So I can infer they are going to the sea.

Lastly I had to write 1 I can see and 5 I can infer. For example : I can see that the koala is closing its eyes. So I can infer that the koala is sleeping.

I enjoyed picking 3 pictures. I did well at writing. I need to improve on writing down something much better.

One thought on “I can see So I can infer

  1. Talofa, Brooke

    Hope your doing well, I hope you had fun doing this task because I had fun reading your blog and looking at your google doc and seeing what you done it really looks fun. I hope your have had a good day? I really want to do this task because I think you had fun doing this task so I think I want to have fun and do this task. I think you need to improve on describing what infering means more if you do this in the future just remeber explain what infer means better and I think thats all. Kia Kaha Brooke

    Regards, Armani

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