Quality Blogs

This week for cybersmart I learned about quality blogs.

What Makes Quality Blogs. It basically provides regular, relevant content. Provides is to make for available use. For example : “these clubs provide a much appreciated service for this area”.

First I had to talk about the instructions. Some of the instructions are to make sure one group member makes a copy and shares it with your group. Move it to your cybersmart folder. For example : if I’m learning about cybersmart I would put it in the cybersmart folder.

Next I had to write down and find what makes a blog post special and interesting to read. For example : They encourage their title and their hard work they did and I encourage that they put a lot of details.

Then I had to highlight what are the elements of a quality blog post. For example : Catchy or Unique Title will be highlighted as yellow.

Lastly I had to write down the 3 components by using my own words. The title of the 3 components is starter, stepping up, and smart learner. For example : for starter I will say, they are identifying what they just learned about.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at explaining using my own words for the 3 components. I need to improve on finding a much better blog post.

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