Duffy Needs Space

This week we went to visit Duffy to learn about space.

Duffy is someone that gives out books, helps you learn more about them, and gives you some fun. For example : He makes a program for you to watch.

Space is a type of area that is outside of Earth. For example :  an area that is empty or available.

First we went to the assembly hall to meet up with Duffy & his actors that are playing about  “Duffy needs space”. 2 of his actors’ nicknames are, Stuffy (Duffy’s cousins) and Maddi (Duffy’s mom).

Next Duffy & his actors told the 3 rules while watching them do their program. One is when they say sh by doing the actors they need to be quiet, sit on your bottoms, and not yell out. For example : if you like to stand up or stand on your knees the people behind can’t see.

Then Duffy & his actors became Aliens except for Duffy. Both of the Alien names were, Stuff Diz, and Duff Ziv. The funniest one was when Stuffy started to be silly and be funny.

Lastly when the program ended we started to say goodbye but the fun part is where we get to have our Duffy books to take home and read about. For example : There was a book that said your class name on it and it has books inside it. I got “Making Friends” & “Guts’ ‘.

I enjoyed watching Duffy ‘s space. I did well at sitting on my bottoms so the others behind me could see. I need to improve on answering one of the actors’ questions.

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