Bar Graph

This week for Maths I learned about how to create a Bar Graph using results from a tally chart & to use PPDAC (Problem, Plan, Data, Analysis, and Conclusion/Communication) cycle to do a class investigation.

First I had to talk in a group about statistics? Statistics is to collect and do data to draw conclusions. For example : How do you get to school? The answer will be car, walk, bus, or bike. Lots of people get to school with cars.

Next I had to think about in the group what does PPDAC, it stands for Problem (Main Question), Plan (What are you measuring, who are you getting data from, questions), Data (collect data from target audience), Analyse (sort data, draw up graph, what do you notice?), Conclusion (final interpretation, new question?).

Afterwards I had to answer all of the class questions. The question was what’s your favourite colour?, How many people live in your house?, What month is your birthday?, Can you ride a bike?. For how many people live in your house, the answer is 10 because 10 people live in my house.

Lastly I had to draw/make 4 tally charts and 4 bar graphs using the data collected by the class question. I also had to write down 5 “I notice” statements.

I enjoyed learning about bar graphs. I did well at making a bar graph on a google meet. I need to improve on adding more questions or details to it.

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