Keywords & Goldilocks

Last week for Reading we learned about keywords & Goldilocks.

Keywords is an important word that unlocks a new information. For example: I got a key and unlocked a new information called she. Goldilocks is a type of girl that walks in the forest but then found a house.

First, I had to read a book called Goldilocks. In the book it talks about how Goldilocks went for a walk in the forest and found a house and broke into the house. She realized that there were 3 bears living in the house. For example: I saw a house and started to break into it because I was hungry.

Next when I finished reading the book about Goldilocks, I had to highlight the keywords that are important. One of the keywords in the story was porridge because it tells in the story that she ate the first porridge, second porridge, and third porridge.

Lastly, I had to create a DLO called “Key Word Hunt”. I had to explain what keywords and phrases are & I had to also write notes in the boxes about things I think are important in the text, details, and what’s in the pictures and possible keywords.

I enjoyed reading the story called Goldilocks. I did well at highlighting the keywords in the story. I need to improve on that I need to add more details to the DLO.

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