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This week I learned about Reorganisation. Reorganisation means the action or process of changing the in which something is organize.

First I went on a slide called reorganisation. There was questions on the slide and we did a practise on the mat. We had to get in groups of 2. We got a whiteborad and 2 whiteboard pen to write down the answer which was on the slide.

Next I did individual work. For the task we had to complete the following. I was reading the story that was for individual work and looking for the answer and looking for keywords in the story.

Then I had to look for keywords in the story. We had to answer the question that was on the slide. Some of the question that was on the slide was what gift did Todd got from his grandparents, which was a football jersey.

After I had to look or think carefully about the story and answer. For example: these are what your looking for in the story and in any book. (they, these, it,them, he, she, it, this, his, and here)

Lastly I did the last answer which was how old is Gareth now? What does Gareth say it takes to be a top swimmer?How many hours a week does Gareth spend training at the pool? In what month was this article written? In what way is Gareth regarded as a true champion?