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Skit Structure

This week I learned how to write a Skit Structure .

First I had to write down a message about our skit structure. The message for our skit is to be confident and face your bully.

Next I had to write down the 4 different type of skit that has to be a part of the skit structure which are the message, the characters, and the settings. For example : the characters should be Ida, she is a mean girl who always bullies Diola everyday and Diola, she is a nice girl who is kind to others and cares.

Lastly I had to write down a script about the message. For example the bullie should say “Hey you!” and the person whos getting bullied would say “What do you want Ida..” that is a example of what I might say for our script.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at explaning about the message. I need to improve on practising more of our script.