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Swamp Tiger

LI: to create a multi-modal DLO that tells others about swamp tigers.

Our challenged was to gather information about the swamp tiger and to create a multi-modal DLO that tells others about swamp tigers. In pairs we used our smart searching skill to find out about their topics which are appearance, diet, habitat, and behaviour. We created a Google slide explaining to others about their topics and interesting facts about them. For example: did you know that swamp tigers can grow up to 13 feet in length? We then gathered with another pair and present to them our presentation.

I enjoyed learning about swamp tigers because I’ve learnt lots of new interesting facts about them.

Smart Surfing

This week for Miss White’s cybersmart group we learned how to use keywords to search the internet about information or topics.

What are keywords?  Keywords are important words that give more information or keywords are where you unlock new words or you unlock new information.

First, Miss White explained to us our first task. Our first task was to make a copy of the smart surfing slides and work through them to complete the tasks. We had to write down four questions about our topic and then highlight the words that are most important to our topic in each question. Then we had to choose one of your questions and use the keywords from that question to search for information.  The words you type into the google search bar are called a query. Lastly we had to find out the answer to our question of where we got it off from. For example : wikipedia.

Next, we had to do some keyword searching. We had to brainstorm some keywords and also research synonyms words that have the same meaning or replacement terms. For example : Cookie and biscuits, bad and evil, and other kinds of words that match together with synonyms.

Lastly, Miss White said that we had to make a DLO explaining what keywords are and why we use them for searching on the internet or searching for information or topics. For example : we use keywords because we have to find out what is happening or the information that is going around the world.

I enjoyed doing cybersmart and learning new things about it. I did well at explaining in the DLO what keywords are and why we use them. I need to improve on adding more simple details into it so the little ones can understand stuff easily.

What is media?

This week for Miss White’s cybersmart group we had to learn about what media is and smart media.

What is media. Media is a type of communicating with the wider world. For example of media: Tv, internet, radio, newspaper, video games, books, posters, etc.

What is smart media? A smart media is a flash memory storage device that meets the Smart Media Specifications.

First we had to discuss or talk in a group what media is and what smart media is. Media is a type of communicating with the wider world. For example of media: Tv, internet, radio, newspaper, video games, books, posters, etc and a smart media is a flash memory storage device that meets the Smart Media Specifications. When we were finished our teacher called Miss White asked questions about what we were talking about to see if we know what it is but if you don’t know what it is she will tell things about and teach a lesson of what it is.

Next, we watched a video that is explanning what we were talking about (smart media and regular media). For example : we use social media to chat and communicate with others and ask to hangout with each other over the holidays, weekends, years, months, or others but that is social media not the regular media because the regular media does really stuff and gives you notification.

Lastly, we had to get into little pairs in groups and explain (write down) why is media important, what media have we used today alone, what media do you use each day, and define media in our own words. Me and my partner wrote down for “why is media important”. The reason why media is important is because we need to communicate with others to see what is going to happen during the day, weekends, and holidays but if you don’t know and you don’t use media is that you won’t know what will happen and something dangerous will happen during the days. For example: There is an alert on your phone and it says there will be a flood stay safe or be safe. Here is another example if you don’t use media: You really don’t know what will happen so your house or anywhere your at will be flooded.

I enjoyed learning about what smart media is and what regular media is. I did well at explanning to my group what media is. I need to improve on asking my partners (buddy) what media is and what smart media is.

Quality Blogs

This week for cybersmart I learned about quality blogs.

What Makes Quality Blogs. It basically provides regular, relevant content. Provides is to make for available use. For example : “these clubs provide a much appreciated service for this area”.

First I had to talk about the instructions. Some of the instructions are to make sure one group member makes a copy and shares it with your group. Move it to your cybersmart folder. For example : if I’m learning about cybersmart I would put it in the cybersmart folder.

Next I had to write down and find what makes a blog post special and interesting to read. For example : They encourage their title and their hard work they did and I encourage that they put a lot of details.

Then I had to highlight what are the elements of a quality blog post. For example : Catchy or Unique Title will be highlighted as yellow.

Lastly I had to write down the 3 components by using my own words. The title of the 3 components is starter, stepping up, and smart learner. For example : for starter I will say, they are identifying what they just learned about.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at explaining using my own words for the 3 components. I need to improve on finding a much better blog post.


This week I learned about how to make bookmarks and what it means.

Bookmarks are important for school because it helps you navigate to your learning quickly.

First I had to decided which student has the important bookmarks. For example : Student number one bookmarks are, Goku image search, NRL image search, writing week 1, pancakes recipe, cool math games, and youtube. The problem is that they are not part of school work but student number 3 bookmarks are, School School, Class site, CLass blog, My blog, Google drive, and Gmail. Student number 3 is the most important bookmarks because its part of school stuff.

Next I had explain why number 3 has the most important bookmarks. The reason why is because it talks about school but the other 2 is different since Goku is inappropriate because its not part of school stuff.

Lastly I had to share my bookmarks and explain why I have chosen to bookmarks the websites. I chosen this bookmarks because google drive is where you save all of your work from school, I chose stepwebs because its a type of game you can learn from, I chose the panmure bridge school site because its our school site that leads you to everything, I chose the LS1 sit because it’s where you know what your doing, I chose blog post because its where you blog and talk about your work.

I enjoyed doing bookmarks. I did well at explaning why I chosen the bookmarks. I need to improve on bookmark more.


I learned how to comment on other people’s blogs.

First I learned the main things to write on a blog post. For example : If I comment on someones blog post I will have to say a greeting, what I enjoyed, a thoughtful comment, a question, and what I learned.

Next I had to write a feedback on who replyed to my blog post. I have to reply back to their comment. For example: Kia Ora Kaysorn, I really appriciate the way you enjoyed how I explanied what evaluation is. I agree I do need to improve on adding more information. No I have not taken a anmial on a public transport. I am so happy you know what evaluation mean. Kind Regards, Brooke.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at commenting to other peoples blgo post. I need to improve on writing something basic.


Responsibility Use

This week I learned Responsible Use about the kawa of care.

First we went though and read the rules about responsible use.

Next Mr Wong splitted up groups of boys and girls for a quiz. We had to go up to Mr Wong with the other group and answer the quiz about the kawa of care. For example : What does your parent have to do after they used their account on your chromebook.

School login only : Children must log in using their school accounts. It is the only legal Google account they can use. Gmail accounts are only for people 13 years or older. The school manages student accounts.

Attributing Image

We learned about attributing image for cybersmart.

First we talked about what media is? Media is a image and videos. For example: Discord is a media, youtube is a media, and stuff that’s media like a reading level because it tells you about the level you are on.

Next we went on a media which is called pixaby to find a picture like a bee and a dog because we have to attribute it.

Lastly we had to name and link the media to the original source. Name and link the creator to their profile. Name and link the site where the media was found and name and link the License.

How to make a blog post

This week we learned how to make a blog post.

First we talked about how to make a blog post.

Next we had to make sure that we have the 4 important label for a blog post which is a title, label, text, and a DLO.

Then we had to take a screenshot of someone that has the 4 important stuff that meant to be part of a blog post.

Lastly we had to insert the photo onto a DLO and putting the 4 important label onto the photo with an arrow.

Polite Email

I learned how to write a polite email and how to use a google meet.

First I learned how to write a polite email. To write a polite email you need a subject, greeting, farewell and signature. 

Next we joined a google meet to join a google meet you leave your camera on and microphone off to be respect when another person is talking and to raise your hand use the digital one.

I enjoyed learning how to write a polite email. I did well on respecting the google meet. I need to improve onlearning more how to write a polite email.