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Burbes & Runs

This week I learned about Burbes.

Burbes is where you start with a jump squat and get into your starting position with both of your feet flat on the floor. get into a blank position. Do a Push-up on your toes and to jump back to your feet & repeat.

First we started off with a warm up exercise. For the warm up we had to go up to 10 all the way to 2. For example : You would do 10 runs, 10 burbes, 8 runs, 8 burbes, 6 runs, 6 burbes, 4 runs, 4 burbes, and 2 runs, 2 burbes.

Next we had to find a partner to practise doing the runs and burbes. For my partner it was Me and Armani. Me and Armani started to do runs and burbes. For the runs we had to run all the way to the yellow line and back to the cones by doing burbes.

Then Miss Morris picked the partners to do it with again. She picked Me and Lila to do it. Me and Lila were doing it right until we were the 4th person but we said it doesn’t really matter.

Lastly we had to do them all together again. We had 30 burbes but at the same time. For example: If Valencia was my partner we would wait until the teacher tells all of the people to do 1 Burbes and then 2 Burbes all the way up to 30.

I enjoyed doing this kind of PE. I did well at doing the runs and burbes. I need to improve on moving faster.

Rippa Rugby – HPE

This week we learned how to play Rippa rugby. Rippa Rugby is a game for young rugby players, usually from the ages of 5 to 7. It is a very safe, non-contact, easy-to-play game for both boys and girls alike. For example : If you are 5 to 10 or older you will be allowed to play.

How to play : To complete a ‘rip’ one of the two flags from the ball carriers belt must be removed. The only person who can be ripped is the ball carrier.

First we had to get into colour teams. The colours were red & Yellow. Coach Trey taps the person on the shoulder and tells which colour you are. I got a touch on the shoulder and I was in the red team.

Next we played a warm up throw. I had to run up and throw the ball to the person next to me and then the next person throws it to the other person. We always dropped the ball but when we practised more and more we finally catched the ball without dropping it. For example  : Someone on my right will be next to me and when I run up the person on my right has to run up and catch the ball without dropping it.

Lastly we played a real game of Rippa rugby. I had to play against the yellows since I was in the red team. I had the ball and tried to make it to the end. I made it to the end and everyone started to get mad but Coach Trey said it was just a game.

I enjoyed playing Rippa Rugby. I did well at putting the ball on the floor at the end. I need to improve on not winning since it’s a game.


We practices some games which was piggy in the middle, and Octopus.

First we did a warm up which was a game called octopus, Gardenia and Curtis was the tagger. Gardenia was the first person to tell everyone a question about they clothes, pants, hair, and glasses then Curtis had a turn.

Next we sat on the floor and Curtis was the person that Miss White picked to show us how to throw and pass.

Then we played a game called piggy in the middle. We got into groups of 3 and 1 person in our group had to go in the middle. The left over people had to go on the side of the person.

Lastly we made a big circle of the class and we played piggy in the middle again, Marcel and Yavi was in the middle.

I enjoyed doing PE. I did well on the piggy in the middle. I need to improve on how to throw the ball.

Skills for American football

I learned how to throw and catch with a football.

First I had to grip the ball and aim with my non – dominant hand.

Next I had to face straight and my body had to move to the right to aim to someone, and I had to make a L with my right arm.

Then I learned how to catch the ball. I had to make a traingle with my hand and I had to outstretched my hand.

Lastly I had to wrapped my pinky finger and the ring finger around the laces on the football.

I enjoyed catching the ball. I did well throwing the ball. I need to improve on putting my fingers on the laces.

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