Word Work

This week for Miss White reading groups we learned to find important words and to understand what important words are.

What are important words? Important words are marked by or indicative of significant worth or consequence.

First, we had to read a book called the hungry waves. In this story it talks about the survivors of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Tonga and Sāmoa. This story is also a type of narrative. For example: There was a demon in the story and he made earthquakes and tsunamis. When we finished reading the story Miss White asked us questions of what happened in the story.

Next, we had to make a copy of a google slide that is called the framework and in the google slide it has ideas and information about the hungry waves. For example: Miss White wrote down a sentence that says “The fale was silent that morning. The only sound heard by all was his foot stamping. The roof as clattering. Loud cries of Mafui’e engulfed the atmosphere like a thick mist descending on the morning hillside. Ana and her siblings were getting ready for school.“Mafui’e why do you need to stamp your feet so close to me?”.

Then, we had to write down our own sentences. We had to write down what happened in the story. We had to use in the story place, time, noun/thing, something in the air, noun/thing, name the person and what they are doing at the place, and complete the question the person is thinking. For example: for the place I would say village, for time I will say morning, for noun/thing I will say his foot loudly stomping.

After, we had to create a DLO using 2 of the words and write your own definition for them. Include pictures and make it interesting.

Lastly, we had to write down what we can see, hear, feel – emotions, taste, smell that talks about the feelings in the story. In see I wrote down shaking, villages moving, tv crashing, people running, water going out, black mountain, and broken plants. For hear I wrote down shouts of Mafui’e, fish splashing, screaming, breaking,  shattering, clashing, splashing, rumbling, and smashing. For feel – emotions I wrote down scared, water, things brushing against your legs, glass, wind, afraid, tumbling, hungry, cold.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at explaining what important words are. I need to improve on putting more details and basic stuff on the DLO.

This is my framework I wrote down: The village was silent that morning. The only sound heard by all was his foot loudly stomping. The roof was shaking because of the earthquake. Loud cries of Ana and Ma’fuei engulfed the loudly and thumping Mafui’e. Ana and Ma’fuei was arguing with each other because Ana didn’t want the demon (Ma’fuei) there. “Ma’fuei why do you have to be so mad and stomping so loud around the village?”.

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