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Ki O Rahi

This week for HPE we learned how to play Ki o Rahi.

Rules for Ki O Rahi : Ki O Rahi are 5 minute quarters with an immediate change at quarter time and a 2 minute break at half time. The sport is non-contact but players wear a belt holding two velcro tags around their waist. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. No watches or other jewellery are allowed to be worn during play.

First, Coach Lucas teaches us what Ki o Rahi is. Ki o Rahi is a Maori game. if you have the ball you have to run and touch the long yellow stick. When you touch it all you have to try and score by touching the middle with the ball. If you are near the bin (tupu) you have to try and block the ball from touching it so the other team doesn’t get a score. You first have to wear a belt and 2 ripper tags on the side of your hips. if your teammate passes the ball to you, you have to catch it and throw it at the tupu to get a point.

Next, Lucas told us what equipment we need. We need 1 tupu (central target), approx 40 gallon drum or rubbish bin, 7 pou, Ki woven flax ball, normal ball, and field marking. 

Afterwards, Lucas picked people to be in the red team and yellow team. I was on the red team. For example: he picked a boy to be in the red team and the other team yellow.

Lastly, we had one more round to see who won the game. The team who won was the red team.

I enjoyed doing HPE. I did well at catching the ball and passing it on to the others. I need to improve on being the target.

Burbes & Runs

This week I learned about Burbes.

Burbes is where you start with a jump squat and get into your starting position with both of your feet flat on the floor. get into a blank position. Do a Push-up on your toes and to jump back to your feet & repeat.

First we started off with a warm up exercise. For the warm up we had to go up to 10 all the way to 2. For example : You would do 10 runs, 10 burbes, 8 runs, 8 burbes, 6 runs, 6 burbes, 4 runs, 4 burbes, and 2 runs, 2 burbes.

Next we had to find a partner to practise doing the runs and burbes. For my partner it was Me and Armani. Me and Armani started to do runs and burbes. For the runs we had to run all the way to the yellow line and back to the cones by doing burbes.

Then Miss Morris picked the partners to do it with again. She picked Me and Lila to do it. Me and Lila were doing it right until we were the 4th person but we said it doesn’t really matter.

Lastly we had to do them all together again. We had 30 burbes but at the same time. For example: If Valencia was my partner we would wait until the teacher tells all of the people to do 1 Burbes and then 2 Burbes all the way up to 30.

I enjoyed doing this kind of PE. I did well at doing the runs and burbes. I need to improve on moving faster.


This week I learned how to practice softball.  First I had to make sure I was playing the 2 games right.  I played musical cones and picked up the cones.

How to play musical cones and you have to pick up the cones before the music stops. Next I played another game called pick up the cone before the other one does. For example, there’s a cone in front of you and you have a partner.  The person calls out an action and you have to do it.  You also have to pick up the cones before the other person does.

After I played softball, I had to get my partner and get gloves and a ball.  By throwing the ball you have to throw with your non dominant hand.  Lastly, I picked up all of the stuff and said thank you to the teacher that was teaching us.

I enjoyed putting away the stuff.  I did well at using at non dominant hand.  I need to improve on throwing the ball harder.


This week I did athletics day.

First I started off with discuss. Our coach and teacher explained the rules. I had to do a swing over but with the actions Mr Wong taught us.

Next I started off by doing high jump. For high jump I have to make jump high on the side to see who has the high jump. If you jump and you did not make it you can have another try after the round finishes.

After I started off by shotput. In shotput you get a ball and put it on the side of your chin and then point. Then when you are ready push the ball to throw.

Lastly we lastly started off by doing sprinting. When you come 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you get a stick that tells you what number you are. I came 1st for the year 5 girls.

I enjoyed doing high jump. I enjoyed playing shotput. I need to improve on pushing the ball further.

Shot Put And Discus

This week I learned about discus and shot put for hpe.

First Mr Wong taught us how to stand side on, point to where I am aming. For discus I had to make a shelf on my hand to hold the discus. I also had to do chin, knees, and toes.

Next I had to copy Mr Wongs moves to know what I have to do. I had to start off by pointing where I’m going to throw at.

Lastly I had to let go of the cone when I do the chin, knees, and toes. When I let go of the cone I had to stand up and face on the left to throw. I also had to say let it fly at the end of the action.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at doing the action. I need to improve on saying the sentence or word.

Long jump

This week I learned about long jump.

First I learned how to jump off one foot. While I jumped I started off with a run.

Next I learned what to do  jumping off one foot. When I jump on one foot I had to swing my arms back then up and over with my arms.

Lastly I learned how to land. I had to land in motorbike stance with two feet. The motorbike stance is when I bend my legs down and my arms straight.


This week we learned about Athletics.

First the coach showed us how to play tic tac toe. We had to get into groups of 3 and go behind the red cones. we had to  put our cones in the hula hoops to win.

Next we played a game called rats and rabbits. The coach had to say cats or rabbits and if the coach says cats then the cats has to turn around and run to their cone before the rabbits tags them.

Then we played a another game. Our coach has to say a type of different running skills. For example : running on your heels. We had to run around the square while our coach says a type of running skills.

After we played a noodle game. Our coach had to pick 2 people to tag the people with the noodles. The people who aren’t the taggers has to run away but if they get tagged they have to run around the square and go back in the base.

Lastly we played a relay race. Our coach put 7 cones infront of us until he says get ready. We had to stay behind the yellow line. We did a short race and then we had to go all the way to the end where the wall is at.

I enjoyed doing the race because it helps me get better at running. I did well on tic tac toe. I need to improve on getting better at running.


This week we practised how to play badminton.

First Miss White explained to us how to play badminton. I have to hit the shuttle with a racket.

Next I played a warm up game. I have to hit the shuttle with a racket and we had to flip the racket while hitting the shuttle.

Then I played another game called name game. We went into a circle and the person that’s in the middle has to call out someones name and the person that was called has to hit the shuttle with a racket and say another name.

Lastly we played piggy in the middle using a shuttle and racket. The person on the left or right has to hit the shuttle with the racket but if the person in the middle catches it with the racket. The person that hitted the shuttle with the racket has to go in the middle.

Kelly Sport

This week I practised how to play T – ball.

First our coach told us how to play t-ball. When I hit the ball I had to run to the orange cone and go back to the T stand  by going forward and backwards until the felders placed the ball onto the T.

Next I practised running between the bases by having a relay race. For example : If I hit the ball and I ran to the bases I have 1 live but If  a felder catches the ball I am out of the game.

Lastly I practised hitting. I have to hit the ball on the T, and the other person has to try and catch the ball before the person runs to the other person that’s in a hoop.

I enjoyed doing playing hitting the ball. I did well at running into the bases. I need to improve hitting higher.


We played a game called team tag.

First Miss White showed us how to play team tag. We had two teams one was the tagger and one was the runner.

Next the tagger had to tag the runner but the tagger can only stay in one side of the hall. The runner can run around the hall except the outline.

The taggers faced each side and when the tagger can’t go and tag the other person since he is on the other side he has to tag someone in their team that is facing the way that the runner.

I enjoyed this task because I enjoyed playing team tag. I did well on tagging miss white for an example. I need to improve on running faster from the other team.