Figure it out

This week for Miss White maths group we learned about how to use our problem solving skills to work out the gala set up.

What is a school Gala? A school gala is where people sales things that others would like to buy or want. For example : You are saling a pencil case. When people walks towards it they would want to buy it so they will give you a token of how much it cost.

First, Miss White explained to us what we are learning for today. We are learning about solving skills and how to use our problems. For example : the problem is “The goldfish is selfish and never wants to share anything with us”. The solving part will be “Until the goldfish realises he was a selfish fish that won’t share anything with other people or creatures so he decides to share and make everyone happy again.

Next, We made a copy of the google slide that talks about figuring it out at the gala. There are 14 slides to complete. When we finished making a copy of the google slide, we looked at each slide and worked out each question. We changed different partners each slide. My partner for each slide was Armani, Hasna, Ziv, Valencia, Sila, Hasna, Amarley, Myah, and other people. Those are the partners I used for each slide to complete.

Lastly, we went through each slide and answered the questions. One of the questions was date dilema. In the date dilemma we looked at the calendar and see what date suits most people and way. I picked the 29th because there is a 50% (percent) chance that there is a strong wind and there’s another 50% chance that it would or could be weak. When I finished some of the slides we had to draw a bar graph on a book or a chromebook to see which one is the best and who has the most votes.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at answering all of the questions on the google slide. I need to improve on doing more bar graphs about the school gala.

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