This week I learned about Evaluation.

Evaluation is to think about (to consider) sides of an issue. For example : yes, no, and my opinion.

First I had to talk about in a group if we should do animal testing or should not be doing animal testing. I said “No, they should not do animal testing on animals because they might die and get sick, which is a bad thing because the animals like spending time with their owners and at the zoo”.

Next I had to write down my yes. I said “Yes they should do animal testing because the animals and humans want to live because they want to enjoy their own time with their owners”.

Lastly, I had to write down my opinion. For my opinion I said “I think that it’s bad for them to get animal testing because drugs that are tested on animals also have low rates which is 92 percent and it’s dangerous for them”.

I enjoyed learning about animal testing 2. I did well at writing down yes, no, and opinions. I need to improve on writing more.

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