Melting Ice


This week for Miss White inquiry groups I learned about exploring the concepts of states of matter and their transformations through the kitchen experiments.

What is a kitchen experiment? Kitchen experiment is where you can cook, bake, and set up an activity, create science magic, make lava lamps and volcanoes, or even play with ice.

First, we had to predict what piece of ice would melt the fastest and why. The 3 types of ice were, normal ice, salt on ice, and folid on ice. For example: the normal ice melted the fastest then the salt on ice and the foild on ice.

Next, Miss White said we had to get into a group of 4 or 5. In my group we had 5 and they were Sila, Unique, Jenesis, and Armani.

Then, 3 people in each group had to stand up and go to Miss White to grab the materials to do the ice. The materials were, 3x ice cubes, salt, plate, tinfoil, and timer.

Lastly, we had to write down your name, purpose, question, what do you think will happen, what is needed to carry out your experiment, procedure, observation, and conclusion. The question was how long does it take for the ice to melt in different materials, why does salt melt ice quicker, and why does insulation keep things cold?


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