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Numerator & Denominator

This week for Miss White’s maths group we learned about how to identify fractions, and we also learned about numerator and denominator.

What are fractions? Fractions are part of a whole, or any number of equal parts. A fraction describes how many parts of a certain size there are. For example : one – half, eight – fifths, and three – quarters.

What is numerator and denominator? Numerator is the top number, denominator is the bottom number. Denominator tells how many equal parts are in the whole have been cut & numerator tells how many equal parts of the whole you have or the number that tells you the whole amount is the denominator. The numerator tells you how many pieces out of the whole that you are talking about in your situation.

First, Miss White talked to us about numerator and denominator and fractions. She said “Fractions have two parts, the denominator and numerator. The denominator is the bottom number in a fraction, so it goes down on the bottom below the fraction line or bar.” For example :  1/2 (one half).

Next, Miss White explained to us the 2 tasks. For the first one we had to complete the document called identifying fractions. All you have to do is, answer the questions. For example  : There are 29 children in a class. 14 of them like playing football. What fraction of the class like playing football? The answer will be 7/15 because 15 takes away 8 equals 7 so 7 people didn’t like playing football.

Lastly, we had to create a DLO explaining the numerator and denominator of a fraction. And we also had to explain how you can identify a fraction. We had to make the DLO simple so people could probably read or understand it probably. For example : if a little kid saw someone’s DLO about a football and he doesn’t understand the meaning of the words he will not know anything and won’t learn.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at explaining numerator and denominator. I need to improve on doing simple details for other people to understand what I am talking about.

Here is my work!