Narrative Planner

This week for Miss White’s reading groups we learned about how to unpack a narrative.

What is narrative writing? Narrative writing is telling stories, and stories help us connect with each other. They have written to entertain and to share experiences with a reader. Narrative writing can be written in many mediums, such as novels, short stories, poems, diaries, and even biographies.

First, Miss White told us to discuss in a group what narrative writing is. A narrative writing is where someone is telling stories and it also helps us connect with each other. For example : I am telling a story about the three little pigs. In the story it talks about the three little pigs building different types of houses made out of metal, brick, or pastel.

Next, Miss White explained to us what TOPES stands for. T – title, O – orientation/setting, P – Problem, – E is events, and S – solution. We also use language features – past tense (jump – jumped), verbs/adverbs, written in first person (I, we) and nouns. For example : We went out to the shopes to get us some salt and vinegar chips. or I went out to the shops to go get me some salt and vinegar chips. These are some of the examples.

Then, Miss White told us to make a copy of a document and watch a video called the rainbow fish. In the video called the rainbow fish it talks about a rainbow fish not sharing one of his scales. When we finish watching the video about the rainbow fish you have to go on the document and write down the title of the story, orientation  (where they have set the settings at), Problem (what was the problem in the story), events (first, next, last), solution (how did the problem get fixed).

Lastly, after you finished writing your plan of narrative about the rainbow fish we had to scroll down to the bottom and summarise 20 important words (or phrases), pick 6 most important words, and sentences that flow. In the story I picked 20 important words which were beauty, rainbow fish, blue fish, special, scale, cry, upset, friend, whizzed, share, anymore, share, shiny, mean, green, deep, sea, amazed, please, swam.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at writing down lots of events. I need to improve on adding more details onto the event.

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