Comic Strip

This week for Miss White reading groups we learned about how to create a comic strip based on the events of the rainbow fish.

In the DLO we also have to use language features – past tense, adverbs/verbs, written in first person (I, we) , especially nouns.

First, we sat on the mat and Ms Mclean explained to us what our work was to do in the morning. Our task/work was to make a copy of the DLO and make a comic strip based on the book called the rainbow fish. In the big box we had to draw pictures and in the little box we had to write down the events of the story. For example : I drew in the big box a rainbow fish swimming around and in the little box I wrote down what happened or what the fish was doing.

Next, we had to go back to the document we made a copy of from W3 and create a comic strip of the rainbow fish. In the document we had to scroll down and use the summary to help create the comic strip. We also had an option if we wanted to create the comic strip online on the chromebook or on paper. I chose the paper because it would be easier to draw pictures but harder to write down what happened in the story.

Lastly, I had to colour in the drawings and show Ms Mclean. When I finished showing my work I had to go online on a chromebook and write down a recount of what I have learned on my blog.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at drawing pictures and writing down stories. I need to improve on adding more details onto the story part.

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