Tic Tac Toe

Last week we played tic tac toe with our class and our teachers.

First we gotten into teams and my group of our colour was blue and the rest was red, yellow and green. We had to line up with our colour to start the game when Mr Ogilvie says.

Next we went to diffrent places and talked about our strategy to win or where to put the bibs at to block the other people before they win the game but we had 4 or 5 rounds to end the game before it was lunchtime.

Lastly we had some changes in the tic tac toe game. We added a leader to help us where to put our blue bibs at to block the other group and trying to win  the next round but like winning is not about to win games like cricket, olympics, tic tac toe, or anothor stuff like a game.

I felt really happy but what i needed to do is that i need to improve on moving the bib faster on the next round nex time we play again with our whole class and our teacher’s.

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