4 C’s

We learned the 4 C’s. 

First we revised our characteristics of being a team member. We also learnt the 4 C’s of Leadership;. Communication, confidence, collaboration, and cooperation. 

Then we had to pick a Leader who is confident to lead the group. Our two leaders were Mathues and Densyn because they were confident to lead the group.

Next we made a plan and thought of the 4 C’s in our plan. We played a game that we never played before. It was hard because we couldn’t talk.  

Lastly we repeated the game, but one person in the team had to wear a blind fold. The leader of the group had to guide the person with the blindfold to pick up a cone. 

We enjoyed this activity because we learned the 4 C’s. We need to improve our communication skills. We did good on sharing our ideas.  

From Densyn, Mathues, Gianni, Brooke, and Taya.

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