Narrative Planner

This week I did Narrative Planner.

First I wrote a plan about a little girl talking to strangers. This is a plan for a flim.

Next I had to write down a Title, Orientation, Problem, Events, and Solution.

For title I written : the little girl talking to strangers.

For Orientation I written down: The little girl was talking to a stranger outside.

For problem I written: The little girl was found by her parents.

For events I written down : A little girl was walking the streets but her parents found her when she was in the woods.

And for Solution I written down: Her parents saved Ida and got sent back to his parents and lived happily ever after.

Lastly I had to write a story about it. What I written down for my story is: Once upon a time there was a white car and a woman inside the car. A little girl called Ida went up to the white car and they started talking to each other. Then her parents came back from work and told her to not talk to strangers because there are dangerous people out  so don’t talk to strangers Then their parents asked what the woman looked like. Then Ida said she looks like your friend Lila. She was wearing a red jumper, grey t-shirt and black and white pants and some earrings. Then her parents said really I think I know who it is right Charles. Charles said omg I know what you mean. Then they went to work in the morning at 6pm and when they got to work they told their friend if they got a white car. Then one of their friends said yes. Then the parents were like uh okay. The next morning the same women came back and said Ida but Ida ignore it because her parents said to not talk to strangers because dangerous people. But when Ida’s parents came back from work again they asked her if she talked to any strangers and she said no because she listened. Then her parents told her if she wants to go to the mall and they live happily ever after. THE END

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