Toast Flowchart

This week for Writing I learned about how to understand how a procedural text is structured.

Procedural text is any text that provides instructions in a simple, step-by-step. For example: first do that and second do this.

First, we had to discuss the different parts of the procedural text. They are title, introductions, materials, steps & conclusion.

Next, we had to highlight its different features. For example: I picked a color yellow & highlighted the title yellow, highlighted materials cyan blue, highlighted the steps purple & highlighted the notes red.

Then I had to create my own procedural text about how to make toast. I picked toast because it’s the easiest thing to make myself. For title I called it: How to make toast. For Materials I wrote down bread, butter, knife, toaster & plate or paper towel.

Lastly, I had to create my own flowchart on a google draw that has matches my procedural text I have talked about how to make a toast.

I enjoyed learning about procedural text. I did well at making a flowchart that matches my text. I need to improve on picking a lighter color except for darker colors.

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