This week for writing we learned how to develop the ability to effectively research, define and present key vocabulary related to a specific topic by creating a glossary.

Purpose of a glossary? A purpose of a glossary is a section of a book document, or presentation that provides definitions and explanations for specific terms or words used within the text.

What are definitions? Glossary definitions is a type of statement of meaning of a word, phrases, or symbol.

First, we had to think in a group what glossary means. Glossary is an alphabetical list of words relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect, with explanations: a brief dictionary.

Next, we had to sort each section into alphabetical order by using procedures glossary, healthy eating glossary, and food group glossary.

Then we had to choose any verbs or adjectives word to explain something. For example: I picked Hydrated, and it is an adjective. Hydration is an important process in many other applications.

Lastly, we had to show the teacher our work to make sure we understood and got it right.

I enjoyed learning about glossary. I did well at sorting out each section into alphabetical order. I need to improve on adding more words.

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