We practices some games which was piggy in the middle, and Octopus.

First we did a warm up which was a game called octopus, Gardenia and Curtis was the tagger. Gardenia was the first person to tell everyone a question about they clothes, pants, hair, and glasses then Curtis had a turn.

Next we sat on the floor and Curtis was the person that Miss White picked to show us how to throw and pass.

Then we played a game called piggy in the middle. We got into groups of 3 and 1 person in our group had to go in the middle. The left over people had to go on the side of the person.

Lastly we made a big circle of the class and we played piggy in the middle again, Marcel and Yavi was in the middle.

I enjoyed doing PE. I did well on the piggy in the middle. I need to improve on how to throw the ball.

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