Rhyme Poem

This week I practise how to write a poem using rhyme.

First I had to write a rhyme using ing, ig, at, and ack. Miss White gave us another example of what to write with our poem. For example : the poem can’t have the same sentence at the end but it has to be the same rhyme at the end of the word. I had to change mine because I had the same word at the end of the sentence.

Next I had to make another poem using ing. For example: The King gave me a ring. But I aready had a ring that looks like the king. So the King told me something. But I said to the King to not talk about everything. But the king said he’s going to replace my ring. The ing at the end of the sentence is a rhyme.

Lastly I had to find some pictures and insert them in my poem so they can understand what i’m talking about. For example : If I was talking about a ring they might get coufused because there are lots of kinda words that are ring. So I put on pictures so people can understand what poem i’m talking about.

This type of poem is ing because it’s part of the rhyme.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at presenting infont of my group. I need to improve on presenting my poem infont of everyone.

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