This week we learned about Athletics.

First the coach showed us how to play tic tac toe. We had to get into groups of 3 and go behind the red cones. we had to  put our cones in the hula hoops to win.

Next we played a game called rats and rabbits. The coach had to say cats or rabbits and if the coach says cats then the cats has to turn around and run to their cone before the rabbits tags them.

Then we played a another game. Our coach has to say a type of different running skills. For example : running on your heels. We had to run around the square while our coach says a type of running skills.

After we played a noodle game. Our coach had to pick 2 people to tag the people with the noodles. The people who aren’t the taggers has to run away but if they get tagged they have to run around the square and go back in the base.

Lastly we played a relay race. Our coach put 7 cones infront of us until he says get ready. We had to stay behind the yellow line. We did a short race and then we had to go all the way to the end where the wall is at.

I enjoyed doing the race because it helps me get better at running. I did well on tic tac toe. I need to improve on getting better at running.

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