This week I have been learning about the significance of pepeha in Maori Culture. It allows us to make connections to family, iwi, and the natural world.

A Pepeha Tells You How strong your Connection is to Land. For example : your strong connection to the land is your culture or family.

First I had to talk about my pepeha which is basically all about me. For example : Ko Maungarei tōku maunga (mountain). This is my maunga which is mountain.

Next I had to write down my mountain, river, tribe, home/community, and school. For example : you might wanna say your river is tamaki or your tribe is Ngate Houma.

Then I had to practise reading it out with my mouth open. I practise lots and lots of time until I finally know it.

After I had to record my voice by reading or saying it out. For example : Ko Maungarei tōku maunga (mountain) or Ko Tamaki tōku awa (river).

Lastly, I had to make a DLO and draw my pepeha. For example : I would draw my home, my school logo, or even my mountain.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at drawing my pepeha. I need to improve on drawing more pictures.

One thought on “Pepeha

  1. Kia Ora, Brooke

    I really love reading your blog because it looks like you had fun doing your pepeha.
    I loved the way you explained your pepeha in your DLO and it looks fun because I love your pepeha. I really hope you had fun. I want to do this now but I think you dont really need to improve on anything. I hope you could this more in the future. Kia Kaha, Armani

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