Desired Behaviors

This week we learned about the areas we can play in and the desired behaviours at lunchtime. Care values  : Attitude and Respect.

First I had to write down on a sticky note the desired behaviours at lunch and morning tea time. For example : Never Bully someone for their talent because they might get sad and won’t do a talent anymore if you bully people.

Next I had to answer every single question on this tab called jam board. Jam board is a type of learning that you can answer and talk about. For what you should do if there is a problem I will write down “Ask for help if it’s really bad and important.

Lastly I had to make a DLO explaining the list of the desired behaviours at lunch time. For example : For lunch time you should not disrespect people or else something bad will happen.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at explaining the list of the desired behaviours. I need to improve on adding more details.

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