Legends of Learning

This week’s assignment for Inquiry was on Legends of Learning.

The first task was about caring for and meeting the needs of different living beings (plant, herbivorous animal and carnivoros), providing them with the energy source corresponding to each species.

The second task was about how the amount of matter in a substance is conserved when it changes form, even when it appears to vanish. I learnt that when you put water in the cold it turns into ice, and when you put ice into the heat it turns back to water because it melts at a high temperature.

The last task is about identifying decisions involving income, spending, saving, credit and charitable giving – this is a hint at what our inquiry topic is next term. I learnt that you get money each time you work and break down woods with a type of material.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at finishing my first task really easily. I need to improve on breaking more wood to earn more money for the loan.

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