Basic Facts Boxes

This week for maths I learned about Basic Facts Boxes.

Basic Facts Boxes is a type of Math game that you sort out the answers. For example: 1+1=2.

First, I had to figure out which one I want to do for math’s. The options were plus, minus, and multiplications. I picked minus because I was thinking that it is the best way to start off with. I also had to pick another option. The options were, random, and order. I picked order because I think the same as minus.

Next, I had to start off by figuring out the answers for the math’s. The minus was easy for me. For example: 20-1= 19, 19-1=18.

Lastly, I had to press check when I finished answering the math problem. For example: when you finish answering your problem of math’s you had to press check to see if you got some wrong, some correct.

I enjoyed learning about basic facts boxes. I did well at answering the problems or solving the problems. I need to improve on moving on to the multiplications.

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