Palm Oil & Storybook

This week for Miss White’s reading groups we learned how to create a book of facts about palm oil.

What is palm oil? Palm oil is a type of an edible vegetable oil derived from mesocarp (reddish pulp) of the fruit of the palm oil. The oil is used in food manufacturing.

First, Miss White explained to us what to do first. The first task was to go on the reading slide and go to T3 (Term 3) week 10, and read all of the information she put on there. When you finish reading the text you have to click on the image and it takes you to a link called storybook. Story book is where you create your own book and talking after facts or something that is happening right now

Next, we had to go on the link called storybook and create a book. When we created a book we had to make our title to palm oil because we are talking about palm oil and giving facts. When we do the title we have to write down what is going to happen in the story. For example : in the book a great big monster will hurt a little kid that is only 5 years old.

After we finished writing down what is happening in the story we had to create a new page and design the background, and other types of material. For example : my background will be out of school which is in the garden at the house. I chose a garden because that is where palm oil grows.

Then, after we finished doing the first page we had to add a character and the plant to describe what was going on. My character was a girl that had black hair, brown eyes, a black t-shirt, and black pants. In the background I put in some bushes and flowers to make it look interesting.

Lastly, I showed it to one of my friends and teacher. When we finished creating our book we had to read through it to make sure it makes sense and knows what is going to happen. Then we had to recount what I have learned on my blog.

I enjoyed creating my own storybook about palm oil. I did well at explaining what is going to happen. I need to improve on adding more information into the story.

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