This week for Miss Tele’a writing groups we learned about how to revise what we know about writing a recount using the tree structure.

What is a recount structure? A recount structure is written in the order in which they happened. This is called a chocological order. Uses reverbs such as : first, next, then, after, and lastly. Our structure is a tree. Tree stands for title, reveal, event, and ending.

First, Miss Tele’a explained to us about the recount. Recount is when you tell someone about something and to give an account of an event or experience. For example : I recounted the tale to steve. She also explained to us about the tree structure. T is for title, r is for reveal, e is for event, and e is for ending. The tree helps me do my blog better because it reminds me what to write.

Next, Miss Tele’a told us to make a copy of a DLO that talks about the tree structure. My task was to fill in the tree. For example : T – title.

Lastly, we finish completing the DLO recount. We had to complete our other tasks which is the imaginative recount planning frame. In the document you have to make up a new story and write in time connectives. (first,next,after,then,lastly).

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at writing down a recount story. I need to improve on adding more details into it.

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