School Gala

This week for Miss White & Miss Tele’a inquiry group we learned how to understand people’s needs and a school gala.

Conducting forms and surveys is a valuable method for gathering information and insights from a target audience in market research. Read through my form and answer the questions and also think of what you will need.

What is a school gala? A school gala is where people create stuff for people if they need stuff. In our class, we are creating bookmarks and pencil cases for the kids if they need stuff to do during the school days.

First, Miss Tele’a explained to us what a school gala was. When she finished explaining it, she told us what we would be creating for the school gala. We would be creating bookmarks and pencil cases.

Next, she told us what our task was to get started for the school gala. Our task was to create a form about the school gala. In the form we had to put in, what year are you, colour, the size, designs, shapes, bookmarks and pencil cases, materials, and other sorts of things.

Then, when we finished filling in the form, we had to add my form link into a spreadsheet for people to fill out my form. We had to fill out 2 people forms – the name above and below your own. After we finish, my teacher will show me how to create a sheet that shows the response of how many people have filled out my form. For now I got 10 people who filled me out.

Lastly, Miss Tele’a showed us a DLO for what we have to do when we finish doing the form. In the DLO it talks about form results. In the DLO it shows the questions and we have to answer them by looking at the responses and pasting it onto the DLO.

I enjoyed doing the form. I did well at filling out other peoples forms. I need to improve on thinking of different things to create next time.

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