Day: July 7, 2022


I learned about attributing.

First Mr Wong was telling us attributing information, what picture you can use, and what information you have to put on your DLO.

Next Mr Wong told us that we can’t use a picture that has a c and circle on it because it was copyright from someone and they stole it.

Then Mr Wong was telling us to put the owners name, source, and where you got it from.

Lastly I went to flickr and pixaby and searching up animals and cars. For flickr I searched up animals and I picked a turtle for my attributing information. For pixaby I did this Mr Wong and he picked a picture which was a car.

This is an example.


This week I learned about paragraph.

First I went on a document called unpacking an explanation.

Next I had to highlight the words which was adverbs, verbs, adjective, nouns, present tense verbs, technical words, pronouns, and time connectives. Those are the words that we had to highlight. The colour for the verbs is white, adverbs is green, time connectives is pink, nouns light green, technical words is purple. 

Lastly I had to think and check if it’s correct.

Finding the Gap

I learned about find the gap for maths.

First I got into groups of 3 for find the gap.

Next I started doing the triangle and finding the gap. For example: it takes 15 sticks to make 7 triangles and it takes 19 sticks to make 9 triangles.

Then I did another finding the gap which was called a hexagon. The question for the hexagon was how many sticks can make 8 hexagon and how many sticks can make 41 sticks hexagon. The answer is, it takes 16 sticks to make 8 hexagon. And it takes 36 sticks to make 41 hexagon.

Lastly I did another finding the gap which was diamonds. I had to make a sentence of how many sticks to make 5 diamonds. It takes 1 sitck to make 5 diamonds.

I enjoyed finding the gap. I did well on finding the gap which was the diamonds. I need to improve on learning more about finding the gap.

Dodgeball – Kelly Sport

This week I learned about dodgeball.

I learned about dodgeball and some of the rules for dodgeball.

First I played a game which was jedi dodgeball. The jedi for our team was Daniel and the orange team had Armani. If the person got tag from the ball they have to sit down and wait for the jedi to tag you to get back to the game.

Next I played a different dodgeball game which was called traditional dodgeball. For the rules for traditidonal dodgeball is if the orange team throws the ball to you and you catch the ball that means that the person who threw the ball is out.

Lastly I played another round of dodgeball. Lucas made another rule for the last game of dodgeball which was if you get tag first you have to sit on the stage and if your on the stage and my team catches the ball that means I can go back on the team and play.

I enjoyed doing kelly sport. I did well on throwing the ball. I need to improve on doing more dodgeball.