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Formal Letter

This week I learned how to write a Formal Letter to Santa.

A fomal letter is when you write a letter to a person that you don’t really know.

First I had to write a formal letter to Santa. I started of by writing a fake address, a date, greeting, paragraphs, closing of the letter, and signature. Example : the fake address I writtten : 11 Beach St, the date : 6/12/2022, the greeting : Greeting Santa, the paragraph : I have been a good girl really lately, closing of letter : Regards, Signature : Brooke Monet Winterstein Puiri. These are what I have written for my formal letter to Santa.

Next I had to greet the person who I am sending the letter to.

Lastly I had to write the paragraph and sign the letter with my name.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at writing the paragraph. I need to improve on writing more paragraph.

How to tell the time

Time can be used in hour, minutes, and seconds.

To tell the time you have to know the parts of a clock which are the hour hand, hour division, minute division, minute hand, past side, to side, and the face of the clock. If there is another little hand it is called the small hand.

When the hour hand is on the 6 it’s half past. When the minute hand and the hour hand is on the number 12 it means it’s 12 o clock. The long hand is the minute hand and the short hand is the hour hand.

There is a second hand but on some clocks that we see most of them don’t have the second hand on the clock. The little black dots on the clock behind the numbers are called minute marks.

When the hour hand is on 5 and the minute hand is on 12 it is 5 oclock.


This week I watched different movies about a topic.

First every school said a speech of what their movie is about.

Next we watched more movies showing people singing. Glow, believe, succeed was my favourite one because it shows you how to believe in your self, how to glow, and also how to succeed.

Lastly we had to find a movie from the manaiakalani site and watch the movie. When we finished watching the movie we have to comment on the blog of greeting, what I enjoyed in the movie, what they did well at, what I learned in the movie, what they have to improve on, and a question,

I enjoyed watching the movies. I did well at commenting, I need to improve on commenting on more flims.


This week I learnedd about anywords.

First I got a partners to play anywords. How to play anywords is that the players has to write words vertically or horizontally. One letter per square

Next me and my partner started writing words per turn. When it makes sense with the word the player gets to have a point.

Lastly me and my partner tryed finishing the whole square to make sense.