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Speech Competition

This week we watched people who made it to the final performing their speech.

What is speech? Speech is the form of language that people can hear. People use speeches to communicate with others and what is going on.

First, we lined up and walked into the hall quietly and respectfully to show respect to the speakers. The speakers were Micaela, Keira, Hasna, Sunny, Chelle, Mahdi, Marcel, and other people.

Next, Ms Anderson talked to us about the rules for us while watching the speakers talk about their topic. The first person was Micaela. She is a year 4 and came on stage standing straight, giving some eye contact, and other stuff. Her topic was about starting school at 10pm. My favourite thing about her topic is that she gave lots of facts and details.

Then, the next person was Ahu. Ahu is a year 3 and came on stage confident to talk about his speech. My favourite part about Ahu’s topic/speech is that he gave lots of confidence, eye contact, information, and more details.

After that, the third person was Keira. Keira is a year 7 and came on stage giving lots of eye contact, and using her mouth to flow and her voice is loud and clear. Keira’s topic is about gender bias. My favourite part of her speech is that she was able to smile and look proud of herself. The fourth person was Hasna. Hasna is a year 6 and came onto stage to talk about her speech. Her topic is about ocean pollution. When we were talking she knew some of her parts by heart. My favourite part about her speech is that she did well at explaining how many marine animals are or have died.

Lastly, the last person was Marcel, Marcel is a year 5 and is the best speech. He came into stage with no cue cards in his hands. My favourite part is that he knew all of his speech off by heart, gave lots of contact threw the whole speech, he also used hand signals. The winner was everyone but Marcel got 3 certificates because he didn’t need cue cards and he knew it off by heart.

Congrats to everyone!

I enjoyed listening to the speakers. I did well at participating.