How to tell the time

Time can be used in hour, minutes, and seconds.

To tell the time you have to know the parts of a clock which are the hour hand, hour division, minute division, minute hand, past side, to side, and the face of the clock. If there is another little hand it is called the small hand.

When the hour hand is on the 6 it’s half past. When the minute hand and the hour hand is on the number 12 it means it’s 12 o clock. The long hand is the minute hand and the short hand is the hour hand.

There is a second hand but on some clocks that we see most of them don’t have the second hand on the clock. The little black dots on the clock behind the numbers are called minute marks.

When the hour hand is on 5 and the minute hand is on 12 it is 5 oclock.

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