Figurative Language

This week we have been learning about figurative Language in poetry. Figurative Language is the use of non-literal phrases or words to create further meaning in writing or speech.

First we had to think about in a group what figurative language, a simile, a metaphor, a hyperbole, and an idiom is. A Simile is to figure a speech involving one thing. A metaphor is a thing regarded as something else. A hyperbole is a state or claims that are not meant to be taken literally. For example : I can eat a horse. And an idiom is a group of words by using individual words.

Next we had to write down 3 sentences using metaphors. Metaphors are non – literal. For example : Life is a highway. Her eyes were diamonds. He is a shining star.

Then we had to write down 3 similes we could use to describe this red character. The name of the movie is called turning red. For the 3 similes I wrote down. He was a red panda. She’s so fluffy like a cat and she has magic.

Afterwards, I had to choose a character to write down 3 sentences about using similes or metaphors. I picked Matilda because I think it will be awesome and fun to write about.

Lastly I had to write 4 sentences using both similes and metaphors to describe what it would feel like on a rollercoaster.

I enjoyed doing this task for writing. I did well at describing the red panda. I need to improve on writing down more similes and metaphors.

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